Quoth Rod Dreher, in my favorite 2009 prediction yet:

“I predict President Obama’s going to spend 2009 chain-smoking.”

My immediate reaction, as one who spent an hour a week for seven years watching The West Wing: if it talks like a Bartlet, and has advisors like a Bartlet, and smokes like a Bartlet…

Barack Obama.  Brought to you by Aaron Sorkin and the millions of television viewers who took refuge in a make-believe world where everything, in the end, turns out alright.


So I was going to do a post explaining how there’s no reason to worry about Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s chief of staff because he is to Josh Lyman as Obama is to Matt Santos, and so if you read that NY Times article a few days ago, you basically knew this was going to happen.  But as it happens, The Guardian already beat me to pointing this out (but it’s still a moral victory, because they’re professionals and I just do this to procrastinate), and a commenter at Politico summed up what I had to say:

“Josh Lyman of The West Wing was based on Rahm Emanuel. Matt Santos (who became president at the end of the series) was largely based on Obama. When Santos (non-white rookie longshot who wins the presidency facing a athiest moderate republican who sucks up to the conservative wing of his party), Josh Lyman became Santos’ chief of staff. So now… Santos’ inspiration would choose Lyman’s inspiration to be chief of staff? Weird, wild stuff.”

So… yeah.  There you have it.  My new plan is to ask Aaron Sorkin for a list of his favorite stocks (even if he just loves the names), invest in them, then get him to start a show that involves them going through the roof.