Links to Posts at “Upturned Earth” (4/7/09 – 8/18/09)

August 19, 2010

What I believe is the unabridged collection of posts written in the estimable company of John Schwenkler and his blog.  In the interests of being as accurate as possible, posts before May 14, 2009 (I think) appeared originally at the WordPress version of the blog; from that date on, at its home at The American Conservative.  Not sure how they read a year later, but anyway, beginning with the earliest:

Introductories (4/7/09)

That Problem of Sex and Marriage (4/7/09)

The Kids Can See Alright (4/8/09)

Dayeinu (4/11/09)

Freedom’s Underside (4/13/09)

Cavafy’s Time Machine (4/15/09)

Freedom’s Underside, Pt. III (4/16/09)

Classical Athenian Wisdom of the Day (4/16/09)

Classical Athenian Wisdom of the Day (4/17/09)

Who I’m Versus (4/19/09)

Remarkable Evil Does Not Require a Remarkable Man (4/22/09)

Above the Government’s Pay Grade (4/27/09)

Arts Czars, Ctd. (4/28/09)

Plantitarian Thoughts (4/30/09)

Fairness Claims vs. Justice Claims vs. Immigration Policy (5/3/09)

Leonard Cohen’s Song of Songs (5/7/09)

The Body World and The Machine (5/8/09)

The Google-Brain and the Future of Memory (5/11/09)

What’s a Nice Jewish Boy Like Me Doing Wading into an Issue as Messy as This? (5/14/09)

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? (5/20/09)

Doubt and Faith Revisted (5/22/09)

Still Here (6/3/09)

So I Know This Isn’t the Best Example, But… (6/12/09)

New York Times Baits Julie Gunlock (6/14/09)

The Criminalization of Hate and Erosion of the Deed (6/14/09)

Why I’m Blaming Sammy Sosa for My Stomach Flu (6/18/09)

Why Did We Ever Stop Making Prayerbooks Beautiful in the First Place? (6/22/09)

Let’s Just Retire the Word “Zionist” for a Little While, OK? (6/22/09)

Hellonphiles, Rejoice! (6/23/09)

Artist and Community (6/24/09)

Artist and Community, Ctd. (6/26/09)

When Truth and Beauty Clash (6/27/09)

The Natural Habitat of E. coli is the Lower Intestine (6/29/09)

Of Fireworks, Yogurt, and Hiati (7/7/09)

Michael Jackson, the Public Spectacle, and Approximations of Grief (7/8/09)

Houses and Homes: Some Thoughts on “Up” (7/9/09)

A Follow-Up on Grief (7/14/09)

Well, I Guess We Flunked That One (7/16/09)

Dept. of Pet Peeves, Sports Journalist Edition (7/22/09)

I Am Insane (7/23/09)

Akhilles Wouldn’t Have Been Akhilles If All He Did Was Win the Super Bowl (7/24/09)

Alternative Reality Pillowcases (7/26/09)

Organic’s Expensive?  Well, That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Eat Healthy Food Anyway (7/31/09)

The Israeli Settlement Policy Is Demographic Suicide.  Now Get Over It.  (8/3/09)

Thoughts on Localism (or, The Need for Pulling My Head out of the Clouds) (8/11/09)

The Mysterious Declining Birthrates of Industrialized Nations Explained? (8/13/09)

Whole Foods CEO Quotes Margaret Thatcher, Whole Foods Customers Horrified (8/14/09)

Saul Bellow on the Problem of Modernity (8/17/09)

Another Reason I Don’t Understand the Logic Behind Boycotting Whole Foods (8/18/09)

Epidemiologists: Pre-emptive Wars Necessary, Justified, Only Hope in Case of Zombie Invasion (8/18/09)


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