Nothing to See (or Say) Here, Really

March 27, 2009

But I’ll talk about it anyway.  By “it” I mean UK basketball, of course.  The whole vibe about the program and Gillispie around here was just eerie for the last week: dead man walking, like.  I’m not going to complain much about him being gone (though if he hadn’t insisted his job ended at the gym door, I might have been more on his side). 

Billy Donovan is NOT the next coach, in case you were wondering.

As far as Travis Ford, currently of Oklahoma State and formerly of the 1992 Unforgettables: I wouldn’t be so quick to include coaches in what I had to say about a connection between place and players at Kentucky, so he makes me nervous.

This might be of interest/amusing to any Notre Dame fans reading: the guy who cut my hair today told me, more or less, “This is going to be a real turning point for the program.  If they don’t get it right this time, we’re going to wind up like Notre Dame football has become.”  And on ESPN, the guy defending Kentucky said, more or less, “You’ve got to go easy on Kentucky fans.  It’s like Notre Dame, with the less-than-realistic expectations every year…”  I was so on top of those analogies during football season, but now no one’s going to believe that I was first.


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