Stalin To The Defense!

December 22, 2008

Andrew seems to have thoughts on torture/”physical pressure” and alleged “legality”/”necessity” to those I had a few days ago, only he goes and does some good old fashioned research, and comes up with a gem to prove the point.

“Experience has shown that such an arrangement has produced good results and has greatly expedited the unmasking of enemies of the people. True, subsequently in practice the method of physical pressure was abused by Zakovsky, Litvin, Uspensky, and other scoundrels, converting it from an exception into a rule and beginning to apply it against honest people who had been arrested accidentally. For these abuses, they [the scoundrels] have been given due punishment. “

That due punishment line, in a weird, vaguely inappropriate dark humor kind of way, was my favorite.  I suppose that I owe the Soviets an apology for focusing solely on the Vietnamese in my earlier post at their expense.  Whoops!


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