On My To-Do List…

December 11, 2008

is reclaiming “meta” and literary/authorial self-consciousness for the Greeks.  Go read some Aristophanes (the choral songs from The Acharnians come to mind in particular, and its Euripides scene), and tell me that he didn’t beat “comedic” postmodernists like Vonnegut to the punch by two-thousand years.  (And pretty much anyone else interested in metafiction.)

The avant-garde, when you look closely enough, isn’t quite as cutting-edge as it seems to be; much of what we take for innovation in art and aesthetics is simply rediscovery or reapplication of what was first learned a long time ago.  What’s “new” is often just what has recently been appropriately applied to/for the times.

I’ll leave it at that for now, lest I start blathering on about things others have probably already discussed at length.


2 Responses to “On My To-Do List…”

  1. ara13 Says:

    I agree that metafiction is not new. In fact, I often go one step further and suggest that any time a writer uses a metaphor or a simile, he is inserting his subjective opinion into the pages and bringing to the reader’s attention that the story is an artifact. But, that’s what makes it so cool. Ara 13, Author of Drawers & Booths. Ara13.com

  2. JL Wall Says:

    I’d never thought to look at a metaphor or simile in those terms — very interesting. I’m going to keep that in mind.

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