I Should Have Known Someone Was Already Writing About That!

December 2, 2008

Despite having followed links from Rod Dreher’s blog over there fairly regularly, I only just discovered Sharon Astyk’s blog, Casaubon’s Book.  She’s off in upstate New York, living, it seems, the agrarian dream.  And writing rather prettily about it.

Anyway, the point of this is to say that her blog seems to be an ongoing exposition of something I mentioned when I first started out–the idea of a Jewish agrarianism.  Of course, she’s not only writing for Jews, just as Rod Dreher and Wendell Berry and others don’t write only for Christians, but just like part of what they do explains the Christian aspects of agrarianism, part of what she’s doing explains its Jewish aspects.  Or, better put, what it can mean to the Jewish life.

I also want to point you to this wonderful recent post that is, more or less, the best thesis of that Jewish agrarianism I can presently imagine.  It’s a little lengthy, but well worth the time if you have it.  While I’m going to keep blabbering on about whatever aspects of Judaism/agrarianism cross my mind, she’s doing the hard work–both literally and figuratively.  (As for me, I think the only plant with a chance of making it through not being watered last weekend is the parsley, but that might be for the best because the damn bugs weren’t going away this time.)  Anyway, if you’re up for it, my expanded thoughts on her post–and Edmund Burke!–are up over at Upturned Earth.  Which leads me to what looks like it will be my last round of UE-blogging updates:

The aforementioned “Farming Jewishly

“Torture and the Problem of Statelessness”–which was very excitingly excepted by Andrew Sullivan.

“(More On) Statelessness and Torture” — my follow-up post to comments and responses to earlier writing on the subject.

“On the Sabbath” — kind of self explanatory I guess.


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