Post-Thanksgiving Random Thoughts

November 28, 2008

1) Largest difference between Chicago and Louisville: necessity of cars for getting from point A to point B.  It’s such a weird thing, especially after spending almost all of the summer in Evanston/Chicago as well, to go to dinner and then get coffee with a high school friend, but to need to drive to both of them, ten minutes to one, and nearly twenty to the other.  It’s possible that that single evening’s drive is more than I spend in my (totally unnecessary for everything other than winter grocery runs) car every two weeks or so at school.

2) But spending the time in the car helps me realize two more things — gas is cheap all the sudden (I don’t expect it to last, however), and good radio stations are the one thing missing from my life when I don’t spend time in a car.

3) I love WFPK and Heine Brothers’ Coffee.  This makes me a certain type of Louisvillian at heart, no matter what I try to do about it.

4) Has alt-country and the nebulous area surrounding it gone all crunchy on us while I wasn’t paying attention?  I heard one song today lamenting our spending culture and lack of personal thrift, and then another (I’m pretty sure it was Rodney Crowell) with what sounded to be a veiled complaint about the nature of the world (something to do with gasoline, and then, at the very end, “your grandmother’s time”).

5) Taking a couple days off from blogs is relaxing.  And I like to think that I haven’t let this thing take up too much of my time yet.  I tried (briefly) to swear off my e-mail for yesterday and today, but that failed pretty quickly, which has me worried.


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