Me, On That Other Site (Part 2)

November 23, 2008

More notes from my fearless adventures at Upturned Earth.

Prop. 8 Aftermath: Religious LibertyI announce that I don’t really know what Rod Dreher’s talking about.  Others enlighten me in the comments.

Costs of War/Costs of Peace — War as a lose-lose scenario, courtesy of one of Andrew Sullivan’s Faces-of-The-Day.

Hypotheticals: Dems and Libs — I wonder out loud about a potential progressive/libertarian fusion-alliance thing.

Content and Education: or, Why Wonder-Bread Does Not Taste As Good As A Fresh Loaf of Whole-Grain — Talking about content and thought in education.

Oakeshott, Eliot, and Sullivan Walk Into A Bar — Finding meaning in a fragmented world.


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