November Herb-Blogging

November 19, 2008

So after my earlier problems with weird little fly things, I took John’s advice and sprayed a vegetable oil-water mixture on my plants, only I tried to water it down to make sure they wouldn’t die.  The thing was, I had to create a makeshift spraybottle using a spray nozzle and a plastic cup.  Ultimately, leaving the empty-but-still-oily cup by the plants was how I got most of the flies.  And we had a nice break from them.  But now they’re back, or at least that’s what I’m presuming from the one that’s been buzzing around my head for the last 10 minutes.

Also: somehow the parsley can no longer support its weight, the basil has started growing faster as sunlight per day has declind, and the mint seems poised to go all Little Shop of Horrors on us.  But they still work for cooking.  And if you’re wondering why I’ve now devoted two posts to life-updates on my plants, the best I can offer is that some people post pictures of their childrenOr their dogs.  I have plants.


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