There’s Little Worse Than Waking Up And Ruining A Pot Of Coffee

November 10, 2008

If there’s anyone from Upturned Earth wandering over here, yes, I am one of the Fivesome you’re supposed to endure while the fearless John Schwenkler goes cross-country for a bit.  (Oh, and if you read this but do not read his, go do that.)  I’ll be more worthwhile later; haven’t had much coffee yet today (you can tell that I am, in fact, an undergraduate when I’m still waking up and it’s 11 am local).

But speaking of coffee — if you were wondering whether the best way to replicate the secret recipe one of your professors uses for what might be the World’s Best Coffee would be to mix in nutmeg and tarragon–and only nutmeg and tarragon–the answer is most decidedly NO.


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