Possibly Unnecessary CA Prop. 2 Polling Update

November 3, 2008

So since I’m scatter-brained today and searching desperately for polling data I haven’t already read, I’ve been looking at California ballot propositions — which means, of course, “the one about the chickens,” otherwise known as Prop. 2.

The two most recent polls (that I know of) are from SurveyUSA (Sept. 25), and Field (Oct. 31).  The Field Poll is probably more relevant, since it’s not a month old — 60% in favor, 27% opposed, 13% undecided; SurveyUSA had it at 72-10.  The major difference is in their polling of Republicans: SurveyUSA had it pegged at 64-16-20, while Field’s closer result seems a consequence of their 40-47-13 line.

What’s caught my eye in the SUSA poll, however, was the income distribution: those making over $50k a year favored it 71-12-18, while those making less than $50k a year favored it 81-6-13.  This is a proposition that is, especially as its critics will argue, going to raise the price of eggs.  Yet those the increased price will affect most seem not to care.  If that holds, it’s going to be a very important number.

But with Prop. 2 — which guarantees basic freedom to move/breath/not live in a pile of feces — set to pass, and Obama quoting Michael Pollan, I’m optimistic about the future of food right now.  It may have taken nearly half a century of Wendell Berry standing on a a hill, shouting and gesticulating wildly, but it’s looking like people are starting to pay attention.


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