I Guess You Just Can’t Have A Kentucky Senate Race Without Gay-Baiting

November 1, 2008

I’m apparently the only one unsurprised by this. And this. (Well, I am surprised that AFCSME got in on the act—I would have predicted some random local Democrat with a reputation for running off his mouth, well, running off his mouth. Like what David Williams did to Dan Mongiardo in 2004Or 2007. Though that might be even less subtle than this way.)

Opinions on Mitch’s preferences are more or less open secrets in Kentucky, so I don’t see anyone already aware of the—ahem—secrecy on these matters is going to be persuaded to change their vote (though Mitch was famous for secrecy before Dick Cheney went and ruined all the fun for everyone). But (and I know the level of extensions in this are going to make it more than a little unreliable) I do have it third hand (from people who are involved in Democratic politics to chat with people who are rather involved) that it was vaguely expected that if Lunsford was close coming down the stretch, this stuff would start to get some play.

I’m in no way attempting to implicate the Lunsford campaign—let me make that clear. I’m just saying that Mitch had a much bigger target on his back this year, even among Kentuckians, and there was—again, among those who care to speculate about whom he fantasizes about—a sense that the gloves might come off.

So I’m not surprised, but this does make me shake my head. I don’t really care whether Mitch is gay or straight or closeted or not. Those are his issues, and his frankness with himself is something that doesn’t concern me. To be honest, I felt pity more than anything for Larry Craig and his family.

(And I’ll come out and admit it: Like Will, I laughed out loud at the flier, too. I mean, six Mitches is enough to scare me pretty badly most days of the week, unless he’s dressed like the Village People — but I can’t get the picture to embed, so just go take a looksie if you feel so inclined.)

(UPDATE: If you’re coming in from PageOne Kentucky, thanks for bothering to click that link.  Feel free to snoop about; I feel like I’ve probably got more interesting/substantive opinions on other things.  Or if you really just want to hear me grumble about the Senate race, I’m planning a post on it after the election.)


One Response to “I Guess You Just Can’t Have A Kentucky Senate Race Without Gay-Baiting”

  1. PG Says:

    I hope that everyone who is troubled by this will contact the AFSCME. I sent them the following message:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am horrified at the advertisement the AFSCME is running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, and I urge you to remove them and to apologize for them. While there is disagreement among Democrats about the extent to which we should campaign for homosexuals’ equality, I hope there is no disagreement that our tactics should not sink to those of our opponents. Unfortunately, in referencing McConnell’s military record and asking that he be “straight” with voters, the AFSCME has found a low ground to share with Republicans, and it makes me ashamed to have made common cause with the AFSCME.

    Please, please reconsider such advertisements, and please remember that the Democratic coalition cannot be strengthened by using sexual orientation as a fear factor in politics.

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