He May Not Have Ice In His Veins, But Espresso Will Do Just As Well

October 31, 2008

So I was reading The New Yorker’s profile of Bob Barr, and I knew there was a reason to instinctively like him—and one that would be able to make my vote for him come across as more reasonable. And then I saw:

“For the most part, Barr seems to find the dim limelight of the political fringe uplifting. He is fifty-nine but has the stamina of a college freshman—he consumes up to fifteen shots of espresso a day, typically in five-shot installments.” [emphasis mine]

This is a man who puts even my coffee consumption to shame. Five at a time? My Bob Barr vote has become more than just a vote for the Libertarian. It’s a vote that says, “I prefer a caffeine addict to a smoker.” I mean, I’m basically one of the former, and I think we’re good people.

But if that doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know how you can read this next bit and not wonder how it didn’t get more coverage. I mean, shooting caribou is nice and all, I guess, but they don’t really fight back:

“On expeditions into the Amazon, Barr fished for piranhas, and hunted alligators at night. “You would take a .22 rifle and creep along the riverbank with a flashlight,” he told me. “The light would catch their eyes, and you would see these two glowing points of red, and you would shoot for that.”

Who’s the unblinkin’ one now, Sarah Palin?

Underlying point (other than I now feel like Barr and I have bonded over coffee): protest/third-party votes aren’t without their purpose. And since your vote counts but doesn’t really, think about it. (Or just go read the article and call it even.)

(Oh, and Upturned Earth readers: thanks for wandering over, take a look around (and hopefully enjoy what you read), and feel free to come back again.)


One Response to “He May Not Have Ice In His Veins, But Espresso Will Do Just As Well”

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