What Is Wrong With This Sentence?

October 30, 2008

From a Lexington Herald-Leader writeup of a recent poll of Kentuckians:

“Sixty-one percent said Obama was a Christian. One percent answered Catholic, 12 percent said other and 12 percent were not sure.”

I’m not really going to complain about the numbers of Kentuckians who refuse to believe that he’s anything but an Islamist Manchurian Candidate, because at least we’re more reasonable than Texas.  No: they wind up implying that Catholics are not Christians.  Really?  I know this is almost certainly just an example of why you need a copy-editor who earns their salary, but really?  You do a story on how other people can’t get Obama’s religion right, and then you go and do this?

UPDATE: Whoops, meant to add this to begin with, but: In other Bluegrass news, they’ve arrested the two idiots responsible for the Obama effigy, who are about to experience a very long-term hangover from Tuesday night.


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