“Nonperson of the Year: You”

October 28, 2008

An earlier post (“We Are All Schizophrenics Now”) somehow led to an offer to expand it into an article on happiness, self, and multiplicity for Culture11’s symposium, “What’s the face of happiness now?”  It’s up (and has been all day).  So, erm, go read it, please?  (I’m still getting used to this whole shameless self-promotion thing, though it kind of comes with the territory.)  Excerpt:

But to accept this view of ourselves is to abandon happiness altogether. When each “self” possesses a different conception of what constitutes happiness, the best we can hope for is broken and compromised. We can never be truly satisfied with our lives. If I am controlled by the self who wants a piece of cake rather than the self concerned with dieting, the dieting self cannot be happy, and vice versa. Happiness has become a zero-sum game. Because of this, “you” will always lose.


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